Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A OpenSource Online Running Diary

Ever wanted to host your own running portal, something similar to strava or garmin connect?
Well ... here we go: runalyze !

Installation (Linux)

Basically you follow the instructions from the website which are as simple as getting the tarball and extract into some directory on your webserver (which you can be reached from a browser of course).
Then load the install.php (script) url from a web browser.
That should be it ... well almost. Runalyze requires an mysql database installation so it's an good idea to check with that first and have some mysql use with enough privileges.
The following grants should be fine for 'someuser':

GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, ALTER ON `runalyze`.* TO 'someuser'@'localhost'

Later in the install you will have to enter that username.

One problem I had after the install was that the index page wasn't really loading. Looking into the webserver log gave the answer, I had to create a temp dir and set permissions:

# mkdir /tmp/
# chmod  777 /tmp/


FIT import not working

I had problems with uploading .fit (garmin) files. The issue here was that you could choose one or more files for upload and basically there were some calender entries but all with zero data. That means all had the same timestamp and no distance, time, ... data was shown.
The problem here was that the perl script  call/perl/ wasn't executed on that file. The reason for this script not being executed were the php safe_mode settings on the server for the runalyze directory.
So in case you have similar issues you might check the php_admin_flag safe_mode.