Friday, October 26, 2012

Ultra-Trail Watch?

I sold my 910XT since it does not fit my type of (ultra trail) running, I was long struggling if either Ambit or Fenix would be the way to go ...

I recently came along this gear review comparing Suuntos Ambit against Garmins new Fenix:

But still ... for now I decided to buy an eTrex 30 and keep my FR305. For the casual training runs the FR305 is totally sufficient.
For ultra runs (>24h) the eTrex has enough battery power, the batteries can be replaced, map support (even OSM), ANT+, compass, barometer, and everything for a reasonable price (currently almost half the price of the Ambit)

So going for an eTrex or similar device might be an option for ultra runners too.

Here's a link to an article in german language about the Garmin eTrex compared a some other handheld navigation devices: