Monday, November 12, 2012

GPS CatTrack Live 3

Information about CatTrack Live 3 Tracker can be found here.

Battery Testing

In the chart below I thought I had configured an 10 minute time interval for sending data via GPRS, however the server receives this only about every 20 minutes ?!?
The device was running already for almost a day before I started recording the data (battery at about 75%) but I missed the data.
It looks similar to a typical discharge curve of Lithium Ion Cell.

Second chart, configured CatTrack Live device to send data in 5 minutes intervals which resulted in tcp connections to the server roughly every 10 minutes (??!)
First data shot was received at 11/13/07:28:18 (battery at 100%) and the last one at 11/15/10:10:23 (with battery indication of 10%).
This means a good 50 hours operating time with GPS positions transmitted in an interval good enough for ultra trail races (like a 100 miler or so).

Here the GPS data is shown: