Saturday, June 23, 2012


Record and Analyze HRV from 910XT

Enable RR recording

Turn on the FR910XT and go into the menu screen. Press UP then DOWN and repeat 10 times (if you count up-down as one cycle then this is 5 cycles).
You should now have entered the "diagnostic menu". From here select HRV on the top and press Enter. Now you can enable the hrv recording.

Getting RR values from FIT

For now I used fitdump and awk/sed to get rr values from the fit file into another file.

fitdump |grep -A1 hrv | grep time|awk '{print $4}'|sed 's/(\([0-9]*\)),/\1/g'

If there's values much too high you could filter them e.g.
awk '$1<1500'



You can use the hrv toolkit.
 plt_rrs -m -R hrv_values1

get_hrv -m -S -R 2012-06-24_08-08-32-80-97354.hrv

Or there is the HRV Analysis which is a windows application but works under wine:

Or for some less sophisticated plot try this, use the above output and filter again with awk:
awk ' { OFS="\t"}{total=total+$1; print total,$1}'  > hrv_values

gnuplot> plot "hrv_values" using 1:2 title 'HRV' with impulse